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Brad Pitt Heartbroken as He Couldn’t Spend Father’s Day With Children

This must be not the Father’s Day had in mind. After his ex-wife was spotted ushering their six children through a terminal at LAX on June 17 for a surprise trip, the 53-year-old actor was reportedly disappointed he couldn’t spend the Father’s Day of his dream with his kids.

“He’s super bummed that Angie took the kids out of town,” a source told . “He’s not complaining, but he has planned to spend some time with them for Father’s Day. He was even working on his place to make it special for them, adding a new skateboard ramp. He saw Angie’s 100 foot water slide and wanted to make his place special for them as well. Although their relationship has improved, communication continues to be a struggle at times.”

Jolie and her kids were reportedly heading to Ethiopia to celebrate Zahara’s adoption date. As previously , Jolie didn’t intend to invite her ex-husband to join them because she still felt bitter over their split. “Angelina hasn’t invited Brad – even though both Zahara and Shiloh have said they would love their dad to go – because it’s still too difficult and painful for Angelina, and she still harbors a lot of anger towards Brad,” a source previously revealed.

Jolie filed for divorce from Pitt in September after two years of marriage and twelve years together. They then got involved in a custody battle over their children, before reaching a contemporary custody agreement. The agreement stated that the kids would remain in Jolie’s custody while Pitt would have “therapeutic visitation” with them and attend individual therapy sessions.


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